Window Louvres

Window Louvres

Ventilated aluminium louvred systems

window louvres

Privacy, light and airflow

Creating naturally comfortable spaces through light, air and space.

Looking to refurbish your home or enclose an outdoor area to make it more usable, no matter what time of year it is? Window louvres are the sleek new-age window option that can also be used to build extra living room and maximize your time outdoors.

Our window louvres offers contemporary, sleek profiles, ideal for sophisticated, architecturally attractive homes. The single-glazed louvre window can accommodate up to 6 mm thick glass blades.

For centuries louvre windows have been used to construct naturally comfortable houses, allowing more ventilation than any other form of window. Modern louvres are decorative louvre windows and are energy efficient.

Louvres let air flow through nearly 100 percent of the window area. It’s like free air conditioning in your home when it’s opened, but better as you control the strength of the breeze that’s allowed through. Louvres seals tightly when you close them, to keep water and wind out when you want.

Trusted by Architects and Designers

Our window louvres are extensively tested for compliance with regulatory standards, and their performance in real-world conditions has been proven. Each window is made to order, allowing for the widest choice of added features and leading in a window that fits as perfectly into customised homes as it does in schools and apartment buildings.

Architectural louvres, while promoting natural light and air flow, are a common choice to shield a building, its inhabitants, and material from exterior elements. They can be designed to be fully responsive to external conditions, maximize airflow, provide additional weather protection, reduce noise, and even provide high-security through resistance to bullets.

Our full range of fixed and operable louvre architectural systems integrate the inside and the outside and are used to add a unique architectural dimension to the exterior of a building. They can be made from sheet metal, aluminium extruded, polycarbonate or glass.


Keylocks are applicable in one metal finish and are ideally suited for increased safety.

Fall Prevention

Window louvres can be made compliant with fall prevention by limiting the openings of the edge.



Natural Ventilation

Windows louvres may create passive breezeways which minimise air-conditioning or heating requirements.

Hard To Reach Places

Available options to make opening your louvre windows hassle free

Durable Finish

Powder coat finish available in a wide range of stated specific colours for greater aesthetic appeal.

Top Quality

Engineered and independently tested for full compliance.

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Window Louvres

Window louvres make a bold visual statement, thus allowing for full airflow access to get into your home. Our glass louvre windows are designed for easy cleaning and simple, smooth operation. Designed for a humid tropical climate, our windows at the louvre are fully open to allow fresh air to enter, yet seal tightly to protect against the elements. Window louvres are ideally suited for maximising cross ventilation in a well-designed room.

Our louvre frames come in a variety of colours to suit your style and home. This statement window is the ideal addition to any living space and you can guarantee the perfect view with many glass choices to choose from. We provide windows in the louvre that go beyond elegance, they are structurally sound and built to last. Durable and stylish, they strike a unique, effortless balance of luxury. We supply and install windows in louvre throughout Singapore. If you would like to visit one of our showrooms please contact us today to book an appointment.

Superior energy efficiency & easy installation

Make a statement with your windows and doors, feast your eyes on one of our luxury ranges from inside to outside. Window louvres are elegant, versatile, energy-efficient and completely customisable.

Maximise airflow

You have full control of the new, gentle breezes flowing through your home simply by adjusting the angle of the louvre blades. Our window louvres’ build quality gives you trouble-free activity and effortlessness. What’s more, the mechanisms and components are assured of longevity.

window louvre configurations

Typical Configurations

adjustable window louvres
white window louvres
bathroom privacy louvres

Adjustable External Louvres

Sky Screens provides fixed and adjustable window louvres and shutters for innovative and versatile aluminium for privacy, sun control and security in a variety of applications. Our aluminium louvres and steel louvres are made from high-quality materials and can be installed or adjusted as fixed and come in a wide range of openings. These are really made to suit your home with an incredible level of customisation, adjustability and uses. With no shortage of options in the range, you can select options from styles like slatting, lattice, sliding, bifold and hinged louvre.

Custom Made Aluminium Louvres

All of our external aluminium louvres are tailor-made to suit your home or construction. Both fixed and fully customisable louvre varieties are designed to fit just about every building or structure including such items as windows & privacy screens, patios, decks, fencing and gates.

Powder coated Aluminium Louvres

Powder-coated aluminium is a lightweight, corrosion and rust-resistant and environmentally friendly material that is aesthetically appealing and robust. The coating will not flake or peel when exposed to inclement weather and has a strong reputation for excellent durability and hardness. This makes our aluminium powder-coated louvres suitable for outdoor structures such as walls, patios, stairs, fencing and gates.

Made Using High Quality Materials

Our high quality louvres are made using only the best non-combustible, termite resistant materials and to ensure optimum longevity and lifetime of the product. We aim to ensure good, reliable, beautiful and value-for – money product for yourself.

The Superior Choice

Our modern aluminium louvre products are more weatherproof, easier to operate and made from superior materials, suitable for contemporary and traditional homes.

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aluminium external louvre
external window louvres

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical width of louvres?

The maximum widths and heights for the site ultimately depend on the wind and water pressures. People typically ask how wide a louvre bay can be, i.e. the length of the blades. An indicative response is from 600mm to 900mm but we can offer blade widths of up to 1200mm. When replacing windows or installing new windows, the higher the wind and water performance required is a rule of thumb the shorter the blade of the louvre should be. Based on your particular circumstances your window supplier will inform you.

No regular widths do exist. There are however standard heights and staying within these standard heights is beneficial. The actual standard height will vary according to the size and framing system of your chosen louvre. If you use a normal height all the blades of the louvre can work. A tiny piece of fixed louvre blade will be placed at the head of the window to make up for the difference between standard heights if you have an off standard height.

How can I clean my louvres?

Louvres will need regular cleaning as with all aluminium windows. Cleaning is encouraged by the smooth exterior surface of the louvre clips and the standard polished edges of the glass blades. Another huge benefit for cleaning our louvre windows is that from inside the building you can clean both the inside and the outside surfaces. This can be a huge plus to windows in the upper story.

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