Aluminium Gates

Aluminium Gates

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Securing your property

Secure your property

We are pleased to have a variety of aluminium gates available now. Our selection of aluminium gates reproduces traditional wooden gates’ most popular styles but has the advantage of increased longevity and practically maintenance-free. They are made in a variety of styles and in the colour of your choosing according to your own unique requirements.

We restore, supply and build all types of autogate gate system, barrier system, and other access system for condominiums and private home sectors, business and industrial sectors, and we are proud of the outstanding quality workmanship at reasonable rates.

Most importantly we are trustworthy and honest. We truly understand the needs of our customers and over many years, we are proud to have served thousands of satisfied customers. With our experience, we always deliver and you can depend on us with full trust that we will be giving your project our best attention and care from the beginning to the end.

Durability and aesthetics

Our aluminium gates are constructed of parts that are cut precisely and attached in much the same way as the components of the wooden gate. This means they look much more like wood but can be susceptible to wood without the shrinkage or swelling of it. Our aluminium gates come with a high-quality finish that helps protect your gates with a strong outer coating that is 10 years guaranteed.

Whatever looks you want, we are sure to have an aluminium gate that is going to suit your needs. Choose from a number of common colour options and a range of excellent and extremely realistic wood grain finishes. The great advantage of aluminium over wood is that it may not be easier to maintain aluminium gates as well-you just only need to scrub them down with soapy water to keep them looking practically new, so there is no need for treatments and no movement, swelling or contraction can occur. And there is also no need to worry about rust, as the metal is galvanised and comes with a 10-year rust guarantee.


Reliable electric security gates to protect your family with added convenience

Durable Finish

Powder coat finish available in a wide range of state specific colours.

Top Quality

Engineered and independently tested for full compliance.

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Autogate Systems

Have you ever had to go through the difficulty of coming home and going through the trouble of getting out of your car, unlocking it, opening the door, returning to your car and driving in, and then having to shut the door again? An automatic gate or auto gate helps you cut off this unnecessary step of wasted energy and time. And adds a whole lot of comfort to your life. Having an automated gate is one major advantage.

The Automatic Gate system is a simple mechanism which consists of the motor, gate, lock, electronic board, remote and a few hidden wires. If a part breaks down, however, the inconvenience can be huge.

We are comprised of a qualified core team who will meet your needs with detailed solutions for every situation. We are dedicated to providing the best services in installing, repairing and servicing Automatic Gate Systems & Auto Gate Repair in the Singapore region. We offer a variety of electrical security gates, automatic gate repair to meet every need with highly qualified technician who finds a safe solution for any situation and troubleshooting to repair your existing Gate motor or service it.


Our custom-made aluminium products offer a wide range of commercial , institutional and residential uses. For your automated sliding gates and folding autogates we use premium quality materials.

Quality Product

Our commitment is to build long lasting, quality products. We use the imported Italian materials and products. Our long-lasting, low-maintenance custom engineered autogates will provide years of beauty and protection while integrating all project elements visually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What you one look out for when buying an autogate?

One factor would be to ensure that enough space is available at the entrance, as well as a flat surface for the gates to be opened freely without obstruction. Some other considerable factors include the gate ‘s weight. This is important given that it will determine what type of motorised operator to use.

Should I get an automatic swing gate or sliding gate?

Do you have enough space for a swing gate on your driveway? When swinging open, will it potentially block oncoming traffic? This may be one important factor in ensuring the health not just of your family but also of the kids and pets around the neighbourhood. Maybe the most important factor in one’s mind, is how safe a sliding auto gate or auto gate swing is.

The truth is the configuration of your property plays a significant role in this choice and the condition of your drive slopes will also naturally determine your gate choice. Consult with a professional about the type of gate that fits your property.

Why do you need an autogate?

Not only is there a gate to keep dangerous elements out, it is also important to keep animals and young children within the compound of your home. Trespassers or kids can easily open the manual gate, whilst an autogate requires a button trigger and to keep it safe, keep it away from kids. Your compound is completely sealed at all times by having an autogate unlike the manual gates which are left open for convenience most of the time.

Are safety features installed or do they come with the autogate?

All automatic gates come standard with a very appropriate protection system which means that the gate ensures that the entrance is clear before the gate is fully operating. No matter what the manufacturer tells you, you need to make sure that the safety features of the autogate function properly because as we all know, children will be really intrigued by a moving object like this autogate and if the gate does not notice that there are kids or moving objects around it, it might cause serious injuries.

Manual Driveway Gates

We specialise in the custom manufacture and design of both swinging and sliding configurations for manual driveways, side entrances and pedestrian gates. Made of galvanised steel or aluminium, our gate designs allow aluminium slats to be fixed in either a horizontal or vertical design with customisable spacing.

We are also specialised in architectural designs and can work with you to design and manufacture a custom gate to suit your particular needs. Our side gates are ideal for those with a modern appearance who want security and privacy. All hinged gates are made from heavy duty ball bearing hinges and are galvanised steel box section powder-coated with durability and strength in mind.

Beautifully designed

Ornamental wrought iron is unmatched in accentuating the interior and exterior of your houses. Thanks to its great versatility, you can make a bold statement about your values and taste.

Quality Product

Our side gates, available with double gravity, magnetic and common door handle locking systems, are custom made to fit your existing side boundary entry points.

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