Louvre Screens

Louvre Screens

Louvre Aluminium Privacy Screens

aluminium privacy screens louvres

Enjoy privacy with ventilation

Enjoy ventilation without compromising your privacy

Privacy Screens should make you feel more relaxed while still being architecturally appealing in your home. You can still enjoy the view without diminishing either light or air.

Our aluminium screens are an innovative alternative to timber, as aluminium is resistant to weather and will not split, flake, peel, corrode, discolour or warp. See the new timber finish for aluminium privacy screens now available. Often customers ask us if it’s real timber due to its resemblance to the real material.

Add value to your home with stylish louvre screens

Our screens come with a seamless, modern design that adds value to your home. They are often used in modern architecture as features or highlights suited for gate features, presentation walls, fencing and privacy screening.

Our sunscreen range, privacy screens and panel screens regulate sunlight, heat load and glare. Screens provide extra safety, offer wind and rain protection and reduce noise. In addition to conventional timber battens, displays provide a stunning alternative and add a modern element to the façades.

Many boast spanning capabilities with all that includes robust frames and width choice. Our new screen is also easily modifiable to defend against extreme weather.


Keylocks are available in one metal finish and are ideal for added safety.

Fall Prevention

Louvres can be made compliant with fall prevention by restricting the openings of the louvre blade.

Natural Ventilation

Louvres can encourage passive breezeways, minimising requirements for air-conditioning or heating.

Hard To Reach Places

Available options to make opening your louvre windows hassle free

Durable Finish

Powder coat finish available in a wide range of state specific colours.

Top Quality

Engineered and independently tested for full compliance.

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Privacy Screen Louvres

Our privacy louvre screens are designed to give privacy and to reduce the sun’s heat. They can be fixed in one place, or they can have interchangeable blades. The louvers frame can be set or slided.

Our privacy screen louvers have features for greater convenience and optimum protection against temperature. We give a wide selection of powder coat colours to match your current colour scheme. We are proud to say that in providing a product that meets the needs of every customer in terms of functionality and design we have established an unrivalled reputation for excellent quality and service. Our team of seasoned and professional experts will always provide you with outstanding service.

Balcony Louvre Screens

Louvre Blade Balcony Screens are a beautiful feature to enclose your balcony or open patio. They allow natural flow of air and light into the outdoor or space area. These displays are available in natural anodised or as a compliment to any colour scheme with your choice of powder coat colours.

Superior energy efficiency

Make a statement with your windows and doors, feast your eyes on one of our luxury ranges from inside to outside. Louvres are sleek, flexible, energy efficient and fully customisable.

Maximise airflow

You have full control of the new, gentle breezes flowing through your home simply by changing the angle of the louvre blades. Our window louvres’ build quality gives you trouble-free activity and effortlessness. What’s more, the mechanisms and components are assured of longevity.

office sliding louvre
balcony privacy screen
ventilated louvred screen

Outdoor Privacy Screens

Our privacy screens provide you with choices on how to enjoy a room. Without that the light or air, you can still enjoy the view, ensuring your home remains your castle. A place where nosey neighbours, pedestrians, summer heat or streetlights flicker away can relax. Your privacy screens with 65 mm elliptical slats with either 10 mm or 20 mm spacing are locally made and available in full frames. The 30 degree louvre screen is an alternative to a flat finish.

Privacy screens, while still architecturally appealing, help you feel more comfortable in your home. But it’s not about locking out your neighbourhood and nature, it’s about choice. Our privacy screens in aluminium – also known as aluminium slats – give you the power to choose the atmosphere of your home: open and breezy, warm and cozy, shady and protected. All while keeping your family and you private house. Our outdoor privacy screens add value and a classy touch to match your house with an array of stylish, modern, and classic finishes.

Bespoke Aluminium Louvres

All of our external aluminium louvres are tailor-made to suit your home or construction. Both fixed and fully customisable louvre varieties are designed to fit just about every building or structure including such items as windows & privacy screens, patios, decks, fencing and gates.

Powder coated Aluminium Louvres

Powder-coated aluminium is a lightweight, rust-resistant and environmentally friendly material that is aesthetically appealing and robust. The coating will not flake or peel when exposed to extreme weather conditions and has a solid reputation for excellent durability and hardness. This makes our aluminium powder-coated louvres suitable for outdoor structures such as walls, patios, stairs, fencing and gates.

Made Using High Quality Materials

Our high quality louvres are made using only the best non-combustible, termite resistant materials and to ensure optimum longevity and lifetime of the product. We aim to ensure good, reliable, beautiful and value-for – money product for yourself.

What Makes Louvres So Great?

Our modern aluminium louvre products are more weatherproof, easier to operate and made from superior materials, suitable for contemporary and classic homes.

fixed external louvres
external adjustable louvres
outdoor aluminium shutters

External Louvre Shutters

Our external louvre shutters provide flawlessly smooth system for your home or building with outdoor louvred shutters. Select systems designed for the tropical environment from sliding, bifolding, and hinged outer shutters. Our shutters, like a wood grain finish, are available in several powdercoat or anodised colours. They are made of aluminium, so that they are also durable.

You can also use our range of shutters as an external treatment for windows. While curtains aren’t as durable as they get lost by the sun, they quickly become dirty and take up a lot of window space. But you don’t have those problems with louvre shutters. Sun louvres are super stylish, versatile, low maintenance and installed to stay so you don’t need to take them down. They are made of long-lasting, lightweight, easy to clean aluminium, all you have to do is wipe them down!

Tropical climate can be equally beautiful and harsh, which is why a shutter product would benefit most homes. You can easily enclose your outdoor entertainment and relaxing areas when the weather turns around, when the sun gets too hot, or when the nights get cold.

Customisable for outdoor enjoyment

Why not enclose an outdoor area in which you love to spend time, turn it into a whole new room, and enjoy more room? You can install external aluminium shutters in the sides of your deck, patio or veranda to sit under your opening roof and close. Enjoy shelter from the sun, adding style and privacy.

Fit for building exterior

They are intelligently manufactured to fit the building’s exterior in general, with sliding mechanisms on top and bottom that are user-free. Sliding louvers shutters usually fit outside the building, deck or inside a prepared opening and as such have only upper and bottom tracks and guides.

exterior aluminium screen
landed external louvre
slatted window screen

Frequently Asked Questions

Do window shutters offer better light control than blinds or curtains?

Shutters are arguably one of the best window dressings for controlling the light in a room, and when fully closed, they can create a very dark environment. Shutters are much more effective at light closure compared to the Venetian blinds and curtains.

And shutters are safer than lightweight fabrics like Roman blinds or roller blinds. Blackout blinds aren’t even the perfect solution! In fact, even blackout fabrics and specific blackout blinds may enable some light to penetrate the room as it enters around the sides or through cord holes.

Plantation shutters allow light flashing between the louvres and between the panel and the frame as well. This is always less light than other traditional window dressings, however, and most consumers would be happily shocked by the increase in darkness which can be very dramatic. Furthermore, shutters are truly the only solution for unusually shaped windows, including for example bay windows.

How do I maintain and clean my shutters and screens?

Window shutters are a perfect addition to any proud house; however, they will also require cleaning with time and use as with everything in the house. Following those handy tips, this is easy to do.

With plantation shutters, you can use your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment, sweeping the nozzle softly across each louvre to remove the summer dust, debris and pollen build up. Avoid cleaning wooden shutters using water, as this can damage and warp the wood.

You may also use a dry microfiber cleaning towel or duster to clean the shutters. Use a soft new toothbrush and gently scrub the surrounding area to remove small particles or build up in the corner of the shutters. Make sure that all purpose cleaners are avoided for cleaning interior shutters as this may stain the material.

Occasionally, you might find that the louvres do not hold their position on your shutters. This is very common because the louvres are routinely worked and the panels settle after installation. A hole with a screw is on the side of the plate-this is the tension screw. Simply secure it gently with a screwdriver, and change the tension at the louvres.

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