Louvre Roofs

Louvre Roofs

Aluminium Roof Shading Systems

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Superior shading systems

Get sun and shade as you need it

At Sky Screens, we’re experts in the louvre roof systems. The unique tropical climate of Singapore has resulted in the development of key features, improvements and benefits specifically for outdoor living, making our louvre roof systems unparalleled in terms of cost, functionality, warranty period and performance. Our experience and know-how ensures the quality, experience, delivery and value demanded by both homeowners and professionals being discriminated against.

When the louvres of your louvre roof system are completely closed, the system is watertight and offers complete protection from the rain, as would a solid patio cover.

Designed for quality and aesthetics

Sun louvres are used architecturally to add subtlety, form and function. Well designed sun louvres can be a perfect addition to a building, as the louvres allow a location’s natural environmental elements to work effortlessly with a building’s façade to create shade, air flow and aesthetic appeal.

Our shading devices for aluminium trellis can be attached to a house’s roof or exterior walls. A trellis will embellish any house as a classy, modern piece of furnishing. Our trellises are works of art, built to last, not only beautify your property but also strong and sturdy.

Each component is powder-coated so that the system can resist the elements of our hot climate. Our unique louvre blade is designed in such a way that each louvre interlocks perfectly creating a stylish design that gives only more stylish the illusion of a flat roof. We will place your louvre roof system on a slight pitch to allow the water to flow along the built-in inner gutter when it rains so that the water can drain away.

Elevate your business

Improve your business with our fashionable pergolas. Put your total square meter to better use by offering comfort and elegance to the visitors with an elevated dining and entertainment experience.

Cheer and draw visitors. Our visually appealing pergolas complement your patios, pool areas and rooftop terraces. Make your space picture perfect, and ready for Instagram. Invite visitors and friends alike to explore the outdoors. We balance the design to integrate seamlessly and beautifully into the surroundings, flexible for any environment from contemporary buildings to private residences.

Natural Ventilation

Louvre windows can create passive breezeways, minimising requirements for air-conditioning or heating.

Hard To Reach Places

Available options to make opening your louvre windows hassle free

Top Quality

Engineered and independently tested for full compliance.

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Louvre Roof Systems

Our roof system for the louvre is made of extruded aluminium. Aluminum is a great material especially to be used for roofing. Using aluminium instead of steel is becoming increasingly popular. Some of the reasons for this are as follows: it boasts rust resistance (unlike most steel), it’s strength, ductility (the strength sustained by changing its shape), it’s non-magnetic, it’s easy to recycle, it’s becoming more useful to manufacturers around the world every day. There are some structures around the world , for example, that incorporate aluminium so that you can get a

To ensure maximum structural support we use only the best tried and tested fixings. Using roof extender brackets, or fascia brackets, you can mount your louvre roof device straight onto a wall or existing frame, on top of a building. For all fixings, we use 10 mm dyna bolts, we can put footings into the soil, or directly attach our posts to a concrete slab.

By merely adding a pergola temperatures are reduced by 5-10 degrees on your deck or patio, while freeing you from worrying about the unpredictable weather. Our louvres allow you to monitor the amount of sun or shade within your home as well. Over time, shading will shield appliances and furniture from the patio and roof, and add value and aesthetic appeal. They can be used elegantly to create a beautiful backyard oasis of shade, security and comfort, or simply to protect and add to your deck or patio life

Bring the indoors out

No need to wait for that perfectly clear day or you choose your own time until sunset. Whether it’s meeting with friends for drinks and discussion, or just relaxing after a hard day’s work, our pergolas give you more freedom to spend time on your schedule in the little moments of life. Experience the luxury of having more time and freedom to enjoy your space in the open.

Superior Design

We believe that you should make a statement about excellent design but not take over your life. Choose from one of our 4 standard colours, or from more than 200 custom colours. We also offer a wide range of accessories and features to suit any design requirement.

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Sun Louvres

The rising need for environmental efficiency, for both residential and commercial building design, has led us to develop a wide range of high quality sun louvres that have been expertly engineered. Our modular sun louvres are sleek, refined and sophisticated, ensuring a performance fit, catering for practically any application, vertical or horizontal, which include window furnishings, patio awnings, privacy screens, window blocks and roof shade structures.

Sun louvres are used architecturally to add subtlety, form and function. Well designed sun louvres can be a beautiful addition to a building, as the louvres allow a location’s natural environmental elements to work effortlessly with a building’s façade to create shade, air flow and aesthetic appeal.

We also have an exciting range of fixed and elliptical aluminium sun louvres that offer you many benefits. We offer a range of lifestyles to all domestic developments from aluminium louver roofs and architectural louvres, alfresco entertainment areas, pool enclosures. We have the best quality and spanning capability along with what we believe is our value-added service between our aluminium opening closing roof system and our aluminium sun louvres. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a builder or one of our valued customers wanting to turn that entertaining area into an asset usable all year round, we ‘re just a phone call away.

Modern, stylish and functional

Create visually attractive thermal comfort whilst maintaining a pleasurable view without obstruction. Our Sun Louvre Collection has the versatility of fixed or operable louvres, which can be tailored to a plethora of design spaces with a variety of installations.

Lower Cooling Loads

Take control of your environment, minimise heating and cooling costs while adding to your home or building’s appeal and value. Made from high-quality aluminium alloy extrusion, these blades are powder-coated from a range of contemporary colours that deliver superior overall performance and extended system life.

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