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Designed for Life

Truly incorporating a variety of doors into sophisticated spaces at home. Designed for simple elegance, allowing you to brighten up your unique interior style and inviting outdoors. Excellence in sturdy design and manufacturing provide products that live up to expectations.

Strong, semi-commercial frames offer a luxury feel to Boutique items, with bold, chic aesthetics.

We have a wide range of aluminium doors to renovate, replace and build new homes. Built to the highest standards, our aluminium doors come in a variety of designs and colours to suit your home. We design and install all our aluminium doors tailored to match your needs, so you can be guaranteed a perfect fit.


Keylocks are available in one metal finish and are ideal for added safety.

Fall Prevention

Louvre windows can be made fall prevention compliant by restricting louvre blade openings.

Natural Ventilation

Louvre windows can create passive breezeways, minimising requirements for air-conditioning or heating.

Hard To Reach Places

Available options to make opening your louvre windows hassle free

Durable Finish

Powder coat finish available in a wide range of state specific colours.

Top Quality

Engineered and independently tested for full compliance.

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Sliding Doors

Aluminum sliding doors are a great option to open your home to the outside without losing valuable interior or exterior space. Ideal for a variety of homes, both traditional and contemporary, the minimal design is. Our glass sliding doors, designed for guaranteed performance, are versatile and durable.

Our sliding doors with aluminium glass also have a double glazing option. Double glazing can help keep your room warm in winter and cool in summer, making energy savings and climate control very effective. Our glass aluminium sliding doors are available in a wide range of styles and configurations.

Our sliding doors are designed for a sleek , modern finish, and are a great solution for both visual impact and practicality.

Endless possibilities across the range

We have an aluminium sliding door that can fit any context or purpose. Sliding doors are one of the most common glass door styles, and form the main entrance to many residential homes.

Seamless, elegant door installation for any space

A choice that can withstand time testing, requires minimal installation space and can blend in any property. Improving elegance and a good natural light source, sliding doors are aesthetically appealing and offer easy access to your property.

Fashionable and cost-effective

They are ideal for alfresco access, plus they allow natural light to fill your home. These doors handle the most complex requirements of tropical conditions brilliantly.

Superior build quality

The doors glide on a non-corrosive roller system, quietly and smoothly. We have an aluminium frame that is sturdy, robust and built to hold the weather outside.

sliding doors configurations

Typical Configurations

aluminium glass door
aluminium sliding door office
black aluminium tinted sliding

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put curtains on sliding glass doors?

Yes, it is certainly possible to hang curtains over sliding glass doors and hanging curtains over a window is actually not quite different. All you need is a curtain rod which fits the size of your sliding door and brackets in order to hold the rod up. It’s advisable to put curtains on your sliding doors because of the sunlight that enters into your home and the damage and fading it causes to your furnishings and surfaces over time.

Can you change sliding doors to French doors?

From a technical perspective, the replacement of sliding doors with French doors is possible. It might just be the perfect solution for giving it a fresh look, depending on your property and interior design. The important factor to consider here is that French doors or any hinged doors need some space when you open the doors, i.e. you have to place any objects away from the door, so that the French doors can be opened in full.

Bifold Doors

Boutique bifold aluminium doors are a fantastic pick to create a unique feature in any home style , making both visually and functionally a bold statement. Our bifold aluminium doors are more than just stylish – they are designed to last and offer long-lasting results.

Our doors were designed with solid, quality frames, smooth folding execution and advanced design possibilities for a semi-commercial look. Their minimalist aesthetic architecture makes a cohesive statement in a number of spaces, while the folding versatility opens up the possibilities of perfectly complementing dining or entertaining areas in alfresco style. Our double glazing and low e-glazing options are also available for our aluminium bifold sliding doors.

Experience outdoors from inside

Our aluminium bi folding doors are a common choice for entertainment areas with adjustable folding options, excellent protection and easy-to-operate design. Often called ‘concertina doors’ or ‘folding doors’ they come in two types: regular and corner.

Customisable for views

Bi-fold doors are perfect for the pool side patio or to showcase a spectacular view. They are easily customised to suit your needs. These doors are available with any number of panels and configurations.

bifold door configurations

Typical Configurations

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the standard sizes for bifold doors?

Twin-fold doors are normally designed for a width of 1800 mm and a minimum height of 2047 mm. For bi-fold doors, the maximum opening is 2400 mm height and 6090 mm width. With customised option enabling you to go below specs or above.

Do bi-fold doors open in or out?

Bifold doors can open either inwards or outwards depending on your preference.

Do bifold doors need a bottom track?

Bi-fold internal doors can be completely installed without the bottom tracks. Typically, the bottom trackless bi-fold doors are installed with a top-hung system, which requires an angle bracket connecting the wall and floor with a pivot pin giving the bifold door greater flexibility to move around freely.

Can I secure bifold doors?

Most bifold doors work with a multi-locking system which makes them safer than many other types of doors. With inline tracking being a function of most bifold doors, picking locks or lifting the doors out of its mechanism is more difficult for intruders.

How much does it cost to install bifold doors in Singapore?

The price can vary according to your bifold door specification. The requirements can include door customisation; height; width, number of panels and additional ons such as glazing, doors for pets etc.

patio bifold door
commercial bifold glass door
aluminium bifold door

French Doors

French doors are a great choice for any desired style, suitable for both traditional and contemporary homes.

Aluminum french doors provide a feeling of luxury without the worries of warping that can be associated with timber products at times.
To meet your acoustic and thermal requirements, our aluminium french doors, also referred to as patio doors are available in single and double glazing. These options can help keep your room warm in winter, and cool in summer, making energy savings and climate control more effective.

Our products have been designed with strong, quality frames, smooth operation and infinite design possibilities for a semi-commercial look. Our French doors are more than sleek. They offer quality and durability which our guarantee supports.

Our French Doors’ beauty is the way they bring in the outdoors. Full, uninterrupted glass panels add light, space, and picture book views, particularly when paired with side lights or full width top lights. In essence French doors are double doors fitted with glass panes.

Strong, practical features include a broad profile, heavy duty hinges and a flush bolt for entrance through one door while leaving the other securely closed. Security locks and handles give additional protection, and a common key can be supplied for all doors for even greater convenience.

Allows light in

The double glass door feature lets the property with plenty of natural light to allow greater connection with the outdoor environment.

Increases perception of space

French doors are designed with a view to opening up more space.  Whether it’s an installation of an external or internal door, French doors give an illusion of a larger space.

Adds value to the property

The door’s elegant feature adds value to the property by boosting the overall space or room aesthetics.

Highly Durable

These doors are incredibly durable with high-protection glass and aluminium frames and can last a lifetime in your home or office.

french door configurations

Typical Configurations

aluminium bifold door 1
bathroom french door
kitchen french door

Frequently Asked Questions

What are French doors?

French doors are essentially glass-panelled double doors.

What is the difference between a French door and a patio door?

The main difference is the way they open themselves up. French doors open outwards and inwards, while patio doors are sliding doors that slide across using the railing.

Should French doors swing in or out?

French doors can be installed to swing in or out depending on your preference.

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